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“Yeah, I listened to a whole episode. It was OK.”  

– Co-Worker   

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Outlaws of the Marsh with Steve Lee – MM#11

Steve Lee dials into the Mojo Ministry podcast from Hong Kong to talk to us about The Water Margin, AKA Outlaws of the Marsh, AKA The Heroes of Liangshang Marsh, AKA, All Men Are Brothers, etc. Not only is this the first Wuxia novel and one of the first works to...

The USSR & Getting Banned From Bert’s With Serge – MM#10

Comedian and play consultant Serge Travkin rolls through the Mojo Ministry podcast to talk about: The USSR Andrew Jackson vs Putin The beat comedy revival Getting banned from Bert's Back Room Recording sets at my open mic

Heathens, Catholics, and Judaism with Remy Cashman – MM#9

Comedian Remy Cashman drops by the podcast to discuss Wicca but then we end up talking about Mormons, Catholics, Judaism, getting bullied in school, and the Gay Straight Alliance club for high school kids.

TE Lawrence and Leadership with Liz Frisius – MM#8

Today we talk with Military Studies professor and US Air Force veteran Liz Frisius about Lawrence of Arabia and what it takes to be a leader of adventurers. We chat about: The trials and tribulations of Lawrence of Arabia Lessons learned in Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts....
Comedy Business School Screenshot

Scott Dikkers’ Comedy Business School Review

 Scott Dikkers’ Comedy Business School is a course designed to give comedy writers and comedians everything they need in order to succeed in the business of comedy. After taking the course, Mr. Dikkers’ goal is for alumni to be able to have a career in comedy. Is...

Facts About Tae Kwon Do with Kenny Lion – MM#7

Kenny Lion comes on the Mojo Ministry podcast to talk about: - Tae Kwon Do - Guatemala and its hidden resources (according to ToTSE) - The crazy lady that flipped out on us - Comedians Kenny doesn't like - The N word is hack - We try to sell out to Blue Chew - Finding...

Protestant Comedy and Boy Scouts with Adler Davidson

Today on the Mojo Ministry Podcast I chat with Adler Davidson remotely about the Christian comedy scene in Missouri, magic words, and being a boy scout. Catch Adler Davidson on: Twitter and Instagram - @adlerdavidson YouTube -

Great Alcoholics In History With Cole Alexander – MM#5

"Man, being reasonable, must get drunk; the best of life is but intoxication." - Lord Byron Cole Alexander (@imcolealexander on Instagram) comes over to the Mojo Ministry podcast where we learn about the role of beer in the ancient world and about great alcoholics...

Sex Talks and Chinese Mexican History with Anthony Martin – MM#3

Anthony Martin drops by the Mojo Ministry podcast to discuss sex talks, life at home, and being ginger. We also talk about the history of Chinese people in Mexico. Catch Anthony hosting the open mic at the Burbank Flappers on Tuesday nights (8 pm).

Gay Social Justice with John Pridmore – MM#2

John Pridmore comes on the Mojo Ministry podcast (recorded in the Sycamore tavern parking lot) to talk about doing open mics in Los Angeles and gay social justice stuff. Also, someone hits the car we're in while recording the podcast.
Comedy Business School Screenshot

Scott Dikkers' Comedy Business School

Check out my review of Scott Dikkers’ Comedy Business School.